Particular care about the quality of products supplied to you

In 2017 independent auditors reassessed UAB „Arimex“ and concluded that the company conforms to the requirements of „BRC Global Standard for Food Safety“ (Issue 7) and has achieved A grade. This means that the company having such a certificate is regarded as credible food provider.

„BRC Global Standard for Food Safety“ is a food safety standard defining requirements for food enterprises. BRC standard is used as an self-assessment tool for an enterprise. Conformance to the requirements is periodically asessed by independent auditors. BRC standards for manufacturers of food and related goods were established in 1998 by British Retail Consortium having goal to protect market from inferior products. BRC standards are periodically updated adapting the newest good manufacturing practice and having assessed changes of legal requirements. For the clarity of requirements and assessment technique as well as generality BRC standards are recognized all over the world. The certificate ensures that internal processes such as procurement of raw materials, production, storage of the products and delivery to the clients, are properly managed and controlled at the enterprise.

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