99% of orders fulfilled in full and on time

Our aim is to make sure that every client receives quality service, i.e. the orders are fulfilled in full, on-time and error-free. Arimex Ltd works with the Baltic, Scandinavian, Byelorussian clients. Customers’ peaceful sleep is our wish: all our clients can be sure nuts and dried fruits will reach them in time and they’ll receive exactly what they have ordered. Independent auditors have confirmed that Arimex Ltd meets requirements of BRC Food standard and have given the company a Class-A certificate. We work on the basis of the most effective known and most advanced work organization methods and strive to improve in every step constantly. Technology, facilities, financial resources, knowledge and LEAN management philosophy enable us to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Would you like to find out more? Call us +370 5 260 1777, or write us at info@arimex.lt